Class: Tentaculata Order: Lobata Family: Bolinopsidae
Bolinopsis infundibulum, another comb jelly, has a medium-sized, pear-shaped body. This comb jelly is completely transparent except for a few rare adults, who are milkish white in color. Its body has a length of about 15 cm and it swims with eight longitudinal combs. They can be found in the North Sea and occasionally in the Baltic Sea. These comb jellies are extremely fragile and will die if it experiences the slightest difference in habitat. The Bolinopsis infundibulum eats copepods and small crustaceans. Bolinopsis infundibulum funnels prey onto the mucous-covered lobes with the aid of ciliated structures known as auricles. Once captured, cilia transport the food to the mouth slit.

But as normal, these jellies are preyed upon and especially by their own species: the Beroe. This comb jelly is the favored prey of the voracious ctenophore, Beroe.

The Bolinopsis infundibulum is a special type of comb jelly because unlike other jellies, that can clap their lobes together to escape when danger is near, Bolinopsis infundibulum is not able to do this.

Cestum veneris